Monthly Archives: August 2014

In which things are moaned about

Because moaning is quite thereputic, it is good to indulge in it occasionally. Not too often of course; just between experiancing things to moan about.

One thing to complain about that is staring the author in the face is the fact that browsers have spell-check inbuilt. Normally this is a great and valuable aid to writing, but not if you are using a computer which is dutch. Too many red squiggly lines.

But perambulations down the strange roads of proffessional victimhood aside, there are things that  are generally moan-worthy. This is not the place for them though, and so we complain about five things that vaguely or don’t really annoy people:


How come you never see a full orchastra, just someone playing annoying tunes on a guitar, who doesn’t even stop when you pay him to? Don’t give h=them money, it just encorages them.

Americans calling Football ‘Soccer’:

This wouldn’t be so annoying if they didn’t call armoured rugby ‘football’. No one really minds though; it’s just a great starting point for an argument.

 Lack of hats:

Because everyone should wear one at least fifty-percent of the time

People saying ‘110%’:

Displaying simultaniously a lack of self awarness and maths, this cliche is a neat summation of everything that is wrong with society.

Lists of ‘Top Ten’ or ‘Five things’ etc:

Oh. Ahem; as you were.