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Weirdness is to be admired

For why should it not be?
Those who deny, even deride that which is expected, that which is sane, that which is described by the most detestable of words- normal!

Now, while that may be an excessive and perhaps a tad to over-enthusiastic, it is to be noted that weirdness can come ion a variety of flavours, some of which are comforting. For what more do we enjoy than to metaphorically take a pipe and slippers, and slip into an over-stuffed armchair, sit before a roaring fire and peruse the absurdities of life?

In a social context weirdness is probably to be avoided. It certainly is if the employer of weirdness wishes to remain in a social context. This is of course the point of the metaphorical pipe and armchair- oddity is to be presented to the solitary person, packaged up so as not to intrude to much upon his comfort zone.

Therefore- books, film, music; all these are the right, and a fertile place to promote the weird.

Art, the missed-out in the so recent list, has surrealism as its strongest proponent of the strange. It is the most successful in any of the broader arts; Dali is more widly known than most employers of teh surreal world.

Or is that true?

There is one work/set of work of literature that is the strange par-excellence; it is only its importance in the canon being so widespread that it is seen in a broader light. This is the two books featuring Alice, by the peerless Lewis Carroll. This is weirdness in all its knowing glory, a towering work that does not go for nonsense but the strange.

Severely odd is looking for work